Gokinjo Monogatari: Fashionable Love Story (ご近所物語: ファッショナラブストーリーGokinjo Monogatari: Fasshonaburu Rabu Sutōrī) is a series of light novels based on Gokinjo Monogatari and written by Kanae Shimokawa.[1] They were published by Shueisha throughtout 1995 to 1997. Ai Yazawa designed all of the covers as well as the pictures inside.[2]

Like the manga, these books have not been translated, or distributed in North America, and are rare to come across. The novels plot most likely follows that of the manga, and the "Fashionable Love Story" tagline probably refers to Mikako Kouda's and Tsutomu Yamaguchi's relationship.


Cover Volume # Japanese release date ISBN
Gokin-Mono-N-1 1 November 2, 1995[3] 408614137X
Gokin-Mono-N-2 2 April 3, 1996[4] 4086141876
Gokin-Mono-N-3 3 July 25, 1996[5] 4086142279
Gokin-Mono-N-4 4 December 3, 1996[6] 4086142694
Gokin-Mono-N-5 5 April 1, 1997[7] 4086143097
Gokin-Mono-N-6 6 June 3, 1997[8] 4086143356
Gokin-Mono-N-7 7 September 3, 1997[9] 4086143739
Gokin-Mono-N-8 8 December 24, 1997[10] 4086144190


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