Gokinjo Monogatari Tsushin: Part 1
Album information
Artists Rumi Shishido
Release date November 21, 1995 (original)
June 7, 2005 (reprint)

Gokinjo Monogatari Tsushin: Part 1 is the first in three soundtracks produced. This CD features music from the anime, including the opening, "He.Ro.I.Ne" and the first ending, "Don't You Know?!."

About twenty more songs are included with Rumi Shishido as most of the vocals. It was first released ion November 21, 1995,[1] and reprinted on June 7, 2005.[2]


Masahiro Kawasaki composed and played most of the music on the disc.[2] Sadly Kawasaki died a year after the release of the soundtrack.[3] Miki Matsubara composed some of the songs.[4]


No. Title Length
1. "ヒ・ロ・イ・ン"    
2. "グッド・モーニング!〜通学風景〜"    
3. "アフタヌーン・メラメラギャル!〜実果子のテーマ〜"    
4. "DOKIDOKI ワープ!〜テーマアレンジ・元気に〜"    
5. "気になるアイツ!〜ツトムのテーマ〜"    
6. "Girls, Be Ambitious"    
7. "学園の風景〜明るく活発に〜"    
8. "He.Ro.I.Ne"    
9. "AKINDO〜友情のテーマ〜"    
10. "物思いの夕暮れ時〜黄昏〜"    
11. "月に吠える"    
12. "Broken Heart〜緊迫&タイムサスペンス〜"    
13. "BLUE PARROT"    
14. "幼なじみってヤツ〜想い出〜"    
15. "実果子の純情?〜恋心〜"    
16. "Sha la la・・・[泣いてなんか・・・]"    
17. "ナイスなバディ子!〜茉莉子のテーマ〜"    
18. "ヤキモチ・超ムカツクッ!〜実果子&ツトム・意地っ張り〜"    
19. "やばっ!これってもしかして・・・?〜恋のテーマ・ピアノソロ〜"    
20. "Don't You Know?!"    


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