Gokinjo Monogatari Tsushin: Part 2
Album information
Artists Rumi Shishido
Release date January 21, 1996 (original)
June 7, 2005 (reprint)

Gokinjo Monogatari Tsushin Part 2 is the second of three soundtracks to feature music from the Gokinjo Monogatari anime. "He.Ro.I.Ne" and "Don't You Know!?" are included except they are the television versions.

The CD was originally published on January 21, 1996,[1] and later reprinted on June 7, 2005.[2]


Most of the songs have songs have themes to them, such as "Risa's Theme" and "P-chan's Theme." Miki Matsubara also composed some of the tracks.[3]


No. Title Length
1. "ヒ・ロ・イ・ン" (TV version)  
2. "実果子のテーマ・"    
3. "ツトム テーマヴァリエーション・孤独"    
4. "リサのテーマ"    
5. "勇介のテーマ"    
6. "ピイちゃんのテーマ"    
7. "ジローのテーマ"    
8. "バディ子 テーマ・コミカル&意地っ張りヴァージョン"    
9. "実果子ママのテーマ"    
10. "のりじのテーマ"    
11. "ヒ・ロ・イ・ン" (Instrumental)  
12. "オープニングアレンジ・暖かく"    
13. "オープニングアレンジ・悲しみ"    
14. "エンディングアレンジ・速い"    
15. "Don't You Know?!" (Instrumental)  
16. "恋のテーマ・アカペラ&サックス"    
17. "不安と焦り・エスニック調"    
18. "カブでドライブ■"    
19. "シリアス・追っかけ-Burning!!-"    
20. "孤独・レゲエ調"    
21. "夢へ突き進むPOWER!"    
22. "Don't You Know?!" (TV version)  


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