Hirohiko Sakurada
Character information
Name in Japanese
Romaji translation
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color
Occupations Photographer
Family Ruriko Kouda (wife)

Mikako Kouda (older daughter) Miwako Sakurada (yonger daughter)

Relationships Ruriko Kouda
Hirohiko Sakurada is the father of Mikako and Miwako by Ruriko.

Considering the conduct he demonstrates with his daughter and the sometimes erratic hours photographers like him are required to keep, Hirohiko's divorce from Ruriko when Mikako was young was probably caused by both Hirohiko and Ruriko growing apart because they failed to do the work necessary to maintain their marriage.

Fortunately for Mikako, Hirohiko comes back onto the scene and does the work alongside Ruriko necessary for the two eventually reconcile and remarry.

Hirohiko is also crucial force for Tsutomu deciding what to do with his life.

Behind the scenes Edit

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Appearances Edit

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