Let's Make a Circle
GM ep6
General information
Episode 6
Airdate October 15, 1995
Preceded by "The Flaming-Hot Blonde Girl!"
Followed by "Tsutomu or Akindo?"
"Let's Make a Circle!" is the sixth episode in Gokinjo Monogatari.

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Mikako, Tsutomu, Risa, Yuusuke, P-chan and Jiro discuss why they choose to go to Yazagaku. Also they think about what they will sell and what name to chose for a club or a "social circle" to sell goods on Flea Market.

Jiro wonders if he has any talents, and finally remembers that Ishida-san, the girl he liked in middle school, told him that being awesome at video games is his talent. Ishida-san decided to become a merchant. He suggests to call their circle "Akindo", which means "merchant".

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