Ms. Hamada
Character information
Name in Japanese
Romaji translation
Nicknames Hama-chan
Gender Female
Age 26 to 27
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color
Occupations Fashion design teacher at Yazawa School for the Arts
Ms. Hamada is teacher of sewing and fashion design in Yazawa School for the Arts. She has high hopes about Mikako Kouda. Ms. Hamada believes Mikako is one of the most talented students in Yazagaku and tries to challenge her more often than others. Students like her very much and often call her informally Hama-chan.

She says in The Sparkling Foreigner, that she is already 27 years old and still single.

Seiji Kisaragi also was her student.

Physical appearances Edit

She wears ordinary formal clothes but still always looks very stylish. Her sharp haircut is her most distinctive feature.

Personality and traits Edit

She is very strict but fair. She cares alot about her students and is very friendly with them.

Behind the scenes Edit

She also is Yazagaku's teacher of Miwako and others in Paradise Kiss.
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Appearances Edit

Pradise Kiss

    • Manga
    • Anime

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