Principal Yazawa
Principal Yazawa1
Character information
Name in Japanese
Romaji translation
Gender Female
Hair color
Eye color
Occupations Principal of Yazawa School for the Arts
Principal Yazawa is eccentric principal of Yazawa School for the Arts. She also has two cats named Nuke and Tora, who she peacefully keeps in her office. She is friends with of Ms. Hamada.

Physical appearances Edit

She always appears wearing kimono and heart-shaped sunglasses. She often seen wearing updo (probably a wig) with bushy, curly hair and heart-shaped hair-pin in it.

Personality and traits Edit

She appears as eccentric, enthusiastic, youthful, energetic, kind and friendly, carefree person. She loves her students, but it also sometimes seems as she would like to be one of them, rather than being their head master.

Behind the scenes Edit

Principal Yazawa is an ancillary character. Also she is a comic projection of the author, Yazawa Ai. And her cats as well.

Appearances Edit

Gokinjo Monogatari

Gallery Edit

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