Shuuji Shintani
Shuji Shintani
Character information
Name in Japanese
Romaji translation
Gender Male
Age 19
Hair color Brown
Eye color
Occupations University student
Relationships Mariko Nakasu

Yuka Matsuyama(Ex-girlfriend)

Shuuji Shintani is Mariko's childhood friend and first love. He is older than her by 2 years. He is university student and tennis club member. He is also from rich family.

Physical appearance Edit

Handsome, tall guy with neat haircut, who wears preppy style clothes.

Relationships Edit

Yuka Matsuyama Edit

Shuuji met her in university tennis club. They broke up by summer, because from her point of view Shuuji cared too much for others, which wasn't fair to her. She started dating that club sempai after him.

Mariko Nakasu Edit

Shuuji and Mariko grew up together as childhood friends, since he was Mariko's neighbor, and sempai from tennis club. He liked Mariko since they were little too, but couldn't tell her because she, running away from being hurt by her own feelings, moved to study in Tokyo.

During summer vacation with Mikako and friends, Mariko confessed to him as she heard that Yuka dumped him. But at that time she already was with Yuusuke.

After some time since she dropped out of school, they eventually got together.

In the distant future they are shown to be married and having a son.

Appearance Edit

Gokinjo Monogatari

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